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 Generation 17 - Grandmaster

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PostSubject: Generation 17 - Grandmaster   July 12th 2012, 12:54

Generation 17, Season 1
Patch Notes of Generation 17, Season 1 - Grandmaster

Talent System:

-Is essentially a revamp of Destiny(?)
-New character, character during rebirth can select a talent, talent training and stat bonus will be shown.
Existing character can choose a talent upon log-in.

-Character's Talent Level will be gained base on Skill Ranks of the talent and higher Talent Level will give higher bonus.
--You can access the Talent Window from the bottom Talent Button in the User Interface.
-You can change the Talent Title once per day.
-There are special hidden Talent that may be unlocked when you reach a certain Level.
--When you have mastered a Talent you can challenge for Grandmaster title.
-To gain Grandmaster title you need to obtain 20 Grandmaster Seals from tests. Test can be gotten from Lezzaro in Tara.
Sample Grand Master Test: Battle Alchemy--- Defeat Eabha + Owen, Range--- Defeat Master Lich + Price, Melee--- Defeat Giant Lion *all takes place before Tara Castle.
Character can only have 1 Grandmaster title at a time

New Skills:
  • Commerce Mastery
  • Hoe Mastery
  • Harvest
  • Sheep Shearing Mastery
  • Egg Mastery
  • Mining Mastery
  • Mushroom Mastery
  • Milking


Maximum Strength, Intelligence, Dexterity, Will, and Luck were increased from 999 to 1500.
Shadow Mission/Theatre Mission(?) Monster HP was re-adjusted.
Potato, Wheat, Barley, Cobweb, Wool, and Corn stack limit was increased from 5 to 10.
Ore stack limit was increased from 10 to 50.
One Ore Pile now produces 7 Ores.
Tir Chonaill NPCs were re-modeled.

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PostSubject: Generation 17 - Season 2: String of Destiny   October 11th 2012, 19:05

Puppeteer Destiny:

Marionette Talent:

New Skills:

  • Marionette Control
  • Colossus Marionette
  • Pierrot Marionette Wire Binding
  • Wire Pulling
  • Accidental Collision
  • Anger Rush
  • Jealousy Incarnate
  • Temptation Trap
  • Frantic Overrun
  • Life Awakening

Marionette Damage is based on Strength and Dexterity.

Marionettes can be obtained from the Marionette Shop in Emain Macha.

Marionettes have Marionette HP instead of Durability, which can be restored with a Marionette Potion. Broken Marionettes must be fixed with a Marionette Repair Kit similar to Phoenix Feathers.


New Enchants.
UI was revamped.
Skill Icons were renewed.

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PostSubject: Generation 17 - Season 3: Shamala   October 11th 2012, 22:17

Shapeshifter Destiny:

Travel Talent:

New Skill:
  • Shapeshifting Mastery.

..........................--New Collection Journals: Hunting and Transformation.

Shadow Mission Adjustments:

New Shadow Missions:

  • Protect Abb Neagh Merchant Transport
  • Prevent Fomor Revolt in Belvast
  • Secret of Scathach Cavern.

New Difficulty: Lord

-Exceedingly more difficult than Elite.
-All party members must have a Lord Pass of that Shadow Mission in order to enter it. Passes can be obtained from Hard Difficulty missions.
-There is no total level restriction, but all party members must have at least one level 15 talent.
-Lord Difficulty missions can only be done three times per day.

Total level restrictions were replaced with a count of talent levels.

  • Basic: No limit.
  • Intermediate: One level 5 talent.
  • Advanced: One level 8 talent.
  • Hard: One level 11 talent.
  • Elite: No limit, requires an elite pass.

Mainstream Quest Adjustment:

-Several quests between generations 9 through 16 now rewards AP upon completion.
-Those who already have completed these quests will receive AP through an additional quest.
-Generations 1 through 3's final dungeon spawns were toned down.
-You may choose to start some mainstream quests further in a chapter than one before. For example, you can start Generation 10 before Generation 9.
-However, you cannot start every mainstream first, such as Generation 12 before 10.


-*New Enchants.
-*New Blacksmith Manuals and Equipment.

-The manuals and ingredients are obtained from Lord Missions.
-Experience needed for level-ups was lowered.
-A Daily Quest that provides AP was added.
-Guild Battle Renewal.

*Obtained from Lord Missions.

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PostSubject: Re: Generation 17 - Grandmaster   

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Generation 17 - Grandmaster
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